About Citizen Journalist Network

The Future of Real Journalism

Real News from Journalists Nationwide

At Charcole Media LLC, we know the challenges people have these days trying to find out what is really going on.

For several years now, the mainstream media has become hyper partisan in both directions, forming echo chambers for both political sides that have divided a nation, perhaps irrevocably.

We use real journalists from around the country as our “boots on the ground” to bring readers as close to the sources of news as possible, and create a national network that can be trusted to bring them the facts about what is happening without regard for who it helps, hurts, politically.

Our business model is very simple.

Readers can purchase a timed subscription for unlimited access to articles by the day, month, or year.

For those who may not want that kind of commitment, or access, readers can purchase stories to read Ala carte for 25-cents a piece, ensuring our writers get compensated for what they produce without relying on businesses to support the work.

This model ensures that we may operate and report independently of financial influence, and allow us to be truly accountable to those we serve.

Obviously, if readers do not believe our information to be credible, they will no longer purchase it, and if it does prove to be credible, our business will sustain and grow…one story at a time.

This, we believe, is the future of the industry if it is to survive and regain the trust of the people.

Please join us in making the truth fashionable again.